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The Instrumental Asylum

Welcome to the Sunshine Coast’s Instrumental Asylum, a home for an insane amount of Audio services that can create, inspire and develop your sound in the Audio industry including Audio Production, Studio & Live Sound Mixing, Recording, Mastering & select hardware Synth patches, MPC programs & Digital console effects settings & channel strips.

This site will host this Studio’s ability for you to access a vintage level of audio manipulation in the modern world, the quality of sounds that make music stand out in the mix, the ability to increase your creativity & enhance your workflow both in your productions/Live performances & where properly educated, your Studio & Live Sound applications.

Studio owner, jSun, has been involved in the Audio & Entertainment industry for almost 3 decades in a wide range of areas including the above mentioned Studio & Live Sound mixing & Recording, Production & Live Performance, Training & mentoring, Event promotion & hosting and of course slinging vinyl since day 1. Coming from the Analog world of audio & Hardware production, he has developed the principles of the Asylum to represent the excellence in traditional techniques for the modern day world of audio capabilities.

From mixing & production possibilities to sound design on a small range of desired hardware synths & maximizing the capabilities of Digital mixing & recording devices, the intricate detail & performance versatility of his input is yet to be matched in the world that shares his skills.
The recording, mixing & production services of the Instrumental Asylum have been renowned for developing an original sound within the genres that he puts his efforts towards. With some of the finest tools at his disposal & the truest forms of monitoring available, the outcomes of his work will continue to deliver the results that make your sound stand out in the mix & appeal to the ears of your listeners.

For those interested in developing their skills in their section of the industry, the Instrumental Asylum is not only host to a training ground in key areas of the industry but links you with the finer information that the experts in these areas make available. Be sure to get onto our email list & social media platforms for continual access to what makes this industry tick in the modern world.

Enjoy the journey through the Instrumental Asylum & the ability to experience the madness that will ensue as you dive into its sound, services & educational platforms.

Militant producer & Warden to the musically insane, jSun gets ya sounding original whether you want to or not.. 29 years of Audio for you.


The Sunshine Coast’s Instrumental Asylum has been home of the most original & conceptual productions & recordings to come off any DAW. Being well versed in Pro Tools, Logic , Ableton, Mixbus or Cubase, MPC’s & all fine Analog equipment, his skills & quality remain honed to his honest ears & impeccable taste for quality in the industry.. From mixing, recording, live sound, sound design, educating & beyond, the ‘Instrumental Asylum’ is home to the future of true audio manipulation.

The Warden of this Asylum, jSun, has been around for longer that he would care to share.. Starting out as a kid on Vinyl, in his teens on Kits & Brass, then production on an MPC 60 in the late 80’s.. Learning to produce, mix & perform in the days of 8bit, Atari/Commodore 64 & 16 track  Studer Tape with Neve, SSL & API at his fingers, jSun has been a collector of fine hardware for almost 3 decades… Suffering a room fire that changed his relationship to freedom in the early 90’s, he journeyed through sound & nature across continents on a mountain bike, gaining inspiration to experience the industry with a completely new perspective upon his return.

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